"Your work is really valuable."
     ~Roberto Pinheiro Machado
PhD candidate, Tufts University - April, 2018

"Shoutout to Los Angeles based “Samba-Reggae” teacher/author/drummer Kirk Brundage. The knowledge he shared with me through lessons and his books gave me a foundation that was crucial in my getting the most out of my field-research in Brazil!"
     ~Jason Lee Bruns
Los Angeles drummer, band-leader, and educator - April, 2018

When I think back in history (to who has brought the sound and music of Bahia to Los Angeles)... and Kirk through his studies and research in Salvador also. And of course the books! When you start talking about translating the feeling, the music into a way and a form that people can to start to immerse themselves into this type of music... I think that it’s very important—if you don’t live there, if you don’t learn as you are growing up or being culturally part of it—its important to have some sort of a writing or method that you can be introduced. I think if you go back in time in the history of Brazilian music, I think Pixinguinha did the same thing with Choro. Because up to that point (the early 1900s) it wasn’t written, so Pixinguinha was able to do that (give some structure).”

     ~Sergio Mielniczenko

Host of The Global Village radio show on KPFK, 90.7 in Los Angeles. Listen to the August 2015 conversation HERE.

​"I must say that in my opinion they are the best well done publications on the issue so far, congratulations!"
     ~Davide Bernaro
Contributing journalist to DrumsetMag (Italy) - August, 2013

"Great book. Just what I was looking for. Kirk covers the history and techniques of Brazilian carnaval samba drumming groups. He breaks down the parts for each instrument, and transcribes a number of different rhythms."
     ~Djembe Jim
Amazon customer - July 8, 2014

"I love that in this book (Candomblé) you can find the toques / "scores" for hun, hunpi and le, organised. It's ideal for a beginner trying to find a starting point in Candomblé music!"
     ~Emmanouela Filippidi
Amazon customer - May 30, 2013

"This (Candomblé) and the other two books in the series are worth their weight in gold! A must have for Brazilian percussion students!"
     ~Bjornar Soreng (Trondhiem, Norway)
Amazon customer - April 20, 2013

"The Voice of Bahia!"
     ~Chalo Eduardo
Sergio Mendes, Santana, Mickey Hart, and REMO world-percussion product manager

"Magical pages of our culture, for which I recognize the importance of this work."
     ~José (Zé) Ricardo
Musical Director, Balé Folclórico da Bahia

"Very cool!"
     ~Antonio Carlos Santana (a.k.a. Pacôte do Pelô)
Founding member of Bloco Afro Olodum

"Afro-Bahian music was transmitted orally by the black people who arrived from mother Africa, resulting in a very important legacy and inheritance. In our attempt to now disseminate this culture to the world, congratulations to Kirk and all the teachers who gave part of their heritage for these books."
     ~Mario Pam
Musical Director of Bloco Afro Ilê Aiyê

"For whoever would like to better know and understand Afro-Brazilian music and culture, this is an excellent work by which to do so."
     ~Nancy de Souza Silva (a.k.a. Dona CC)
Pierre Verger Foundation and Ilê Axê Ópò Aganjú


Kirk Brundage & Afro-Brazilian Percussion Guide